What is our impact?

Our main task is to deliver valuable university books from Maastricht to specific universities in Africa to improve the learning conditions of thousands of students who struggle to access educational resources. That is why we are working together with a charity called Books2Africa that already managed to successfully donate over 1.7 million books.

group of children inside room

Enabling every student around the world to unleash their full potential.

To give access and guidance to the resources others require in order to improve their quality of education and reduce the amount of books thrown away in Maastricht.

Our mission

Our vision

The Problem In maastricht 

Students are throwing away valuable study books. 

Around 63 percent of the students in Maastricht do not have an alternative to give books a second life.


books have already been donated! 

Sustainable Development Goal 4

We are actively tackling SDG 4

We have been devoting ourselves to increase the quality of education around the world in a sustainable and responsible way.