Donate your valuable university books

Drop-off locations in Maastricht

Because of the current situation it is only possible for us to provide you with limited drop-off location on campus. You’ll find our RED BOXES in several locations. They are waiting for you to get filled by many books!

But no worries, many more drop-off possibilities are coming...

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Our current drop-off locations

Just #ClearYourShelves, drop by, drop off and support us and students in Africa.

Tapijn Loods V Learning Spaces

Cato by Cato

One of Kids Club Kampala's products that caught our attention was their handmade bracelets! These stylish and unique bracelets are made out of recycled magazines and books. By buying one of these bracelets YOU help us to finance our first shipment. 

Through women's empowerment and giving old magazines a second life, we believe that this project needs further attention here in Maastricht and all around the world!

Our unique bracelets

Help fund us!

To ship the first 1,300 books to African universities we need your help! Support our crowdfunding campaign now and get amazing rewards!!

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